Autistic people in Ulverston were given the chance to show off their talents on stage.

Autus Cumbria hosted its 'Sensing Melodies' concert at the Laurel and Hardy Museum to promote the skills of the people they care for.

It was the first time that the event had been put on since 2019 and the wait was more than worth it in the end.

Caleb Staples, one of the performers and organisers, said: "Sensing Melodies is a concert which showcases the talents of local autistic people all while raising money to help us support autistic kids and adults.

"We haven't run the concert since 2019 due primarily to COVID-19 and lockdown but we couldn't wait to bring it back."

The Mail: It was the first time the concert had been held in four yearsIt was the first time the concert had been held in four years (Image: Autus Cumbria)

Attendees were treated to live music performances, as well as stand-up comedy routines and poetry readings.

"It was a brilliant night full of amazing performances from local autistic people," the organisers explained. 

"Last night would not have been possible without the help and support of so many people so we’ve got all of them to thank."

Gratitude was shown towards the team at the museum for supporting the event, as well as Robbie Hogg, who designed the new banner for the event.

The Mail: The performances ranged from live music to comedy and poetryThe performances ranged from live music to comedy and poetry (Image: Autus Cumbria)

"Our very own Laurel and Hardy, Andy and Hugh, were brilliant hosts throughout the night so a big thank you to them along with all of our brilliant performers.

"We’d also like to thank all the local businesses that donated towards our raffle on the night and to Sarah Carter for organising and running this during the evening."

Autus Cumbria, a small not-for-profit organisation, supports autistic children and adults by offering social opportunities, support, training and advocacy.

The organisers added: "Lastly, we’d like to thank everyone who attended. 

"Without [them], last night wouldn’t have been possible - it would’ve just been us performing to any empty room!"