The big day is just days away now...sounds scary saying that as summer seems but a blip ago.

Board games are to Christmas what chocolate is to Easter, let's be honest. But finding the best family board games to appeal to and engage across all generations isn't always easy.

(Personally, I love Balderdash, but no one else will play it.)

If you want to lure the kids away from screens this festive season and find one of the best Christmas games, well, wonder no more.

Mumsnet has undertaken rigorous reviews of some of the best family board games as chosen by users, the largest online network of parents in the UK.

From card games to strategy games, games which change every time you play to those that'll have you in stitches - Mumsnet has made every effort to include a wide variety of the very best family board games to suit all players, whether they're six or sixty.

Whether you're looking for a great Christmas present for a loved one or your next favourite Christmas game to play over the holidays, here is their pick of the best family board games 2023:

Best family board games 2023

Ticket to Ride

"Ticket To Ride is one of the best family board games - promising to entertain and delight once you get a hang of the rules.

"A fun cross-country train adventure where players must use strategic thinking to connect cities and build the longest route to score points, it’s recommended for ages eight and up (making it a great option if you're on the hunt for the best toys for 8-year-olds), although some Mumsnet users have found it was suitable for seven-year-olds too."


"Players must turn over cards and compete to be the first to spot the matching symbol on each one. As the game requires sharp eyes and quick reflexes, you’ll probably find that little ones often come out on top with this one.

"You can get special edition sets too, like Harry Potter, Friends and Marvel, making them a great option for a variety of ages, ideal if you're on the hunt for the best toys for seven-year-olds as well as toys for nine-year-olds."

Throw Throw Burrito

"Throw Throw Burrito combines a card game with dodgeball, except instead of a ball you have a foam burrito – yes really. Players must collect matching sets of cards whilst simultaneously throwing and dodging the foam burritos.

"It seems all too obvious to state the reasons as to why kids would rate this as one of the best family board games – they do get to lob a burrito at mum and dad’s head after all!"

Cheeky Monkeys

"Not only is Cheeky Monkeys one of the best family board games on a budget, it boosts decision-making, maths and fine motor skills as well. The aim of the game is to collect the most bananas – but watch out for pesky cheeky monkeys trying to steal them from you!"


"Another firm favourite in our household as well as many a Mumsnetter's, Carcassonne is a compact, easily-transportable board game which we've played with kids as young as four (with help).

"You essentially build the board as you go, so game play is never quite the same each time, and the layout means that younger players can learn strategy and problem-solving in an easy way which doesn't require reading."

Disney Villainous

"Take the Disney villains (think Captain Hook, Jafar and Ursula) and give them a chance to rewrite Disney history and finally fulfill their evil schemes. If only those pesky Disney heroes weren’t lurking at every corner!

"We've played this game a few times with our eldest (9) - it's definitely a little more complicated than the likes of Dobble and Exploding Kittens, however once you get your head around the rules, it's extremely fun."