AN MP has expressed shock and dismay after Boots confirmed they are pulling two stores out of Barrow town centre.

British health and beauty retailer Boots has confirmed to Barrow MP Simon Fell that they are to close the Portland Walk and Risedale Road stores in the town. 

Mr Fell has initiated a campaign to save both stores.

He said: "After hearing from a constituent that a Boots store in Barrow was possibly closing, I wrote to the CEO of Boots to enquire further.

"Unfortunately, they confirmed that plans are in place to close two branches, located on Portland Walk and Risedale Road in Barrow."

The news was originally reported by The Mail back in November when two employees came forward with the information.

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At the time, Boots refused to confirm the rumours, stating that they wanted to break the news of any closures to employees personally first.

Mr Fell added: "This news is so disappointing, especially as Barrow Town Centre is in the middle of significant redevelopment as a result of the £16m Levelling Up Fund and £25m Town Deal which we have secured, and BAE’s purchase of properties in Portland Walk, which will significantly increase footfall in the coming months.

The Mail: Simon Fell MPSimon Fell MP (Image: Newsquest)

"Shutting Boots stores down this early is ridiculous when you consider the increased usage the store would see following these developments, not to mention how detrimental it would be to constituents who need to access their services now.

"I plan to do everything I can to ensure that Boots’ proposals are halted and urge you to join me in this campaign by filling in my survey so that I can demonstrate to their CEO how important the stores are to local residents. The move by the national retailer means that the shop on Duke Street will be the sole survivor in Barrow.

Any closures have been promised not to result in any redundancies as part of Boots' 'consolidation process'.

When contacted in November, a spokesperson for the company said: "The scheme will ensure that the shops that do close are no more than two kilometres away from another store, meaning that the communities affected will still be served."

If you would like to sign the petition started by Mr Fell, click here