Over half of adults living in the northwest are worried that flood damage could cost them £5000 in house repairs.

A survey was conducted by Vuba, a manufacturer of permeable surfaces, which revealed that the region's concerns were above the national average.

This comes at a time in Cumbria when flood warnings were issued across the week due to the melting of snow and subsequent rising of river levels.

Sean Scott, CEO of Vuba, said: "For most of us, our home is our greatest asset, and it is concerning that so many homeowners in the northwest fear they would have to spend significant amounts to repair flooding damages.

"The lack of flood defence mechanisms in the region is especially concerning as climate change is causing more frequent and more intense downpours, leaving homeowners at risk."

When asked whether damages will cost more than £500 to repair, 61% of people agreed that this would be the case.

In October, the Government announced that £500 grants would be made available to those affected by flooding, but the latest statistics suggest this might not be enough.

Over a quarter of people in the northwest (29%) are concerned that their properties will be de-valued by flood damage.

To investigate the Government's plans for investment, Vuba submitted a Freedom of Information request in September to the Environmental Agency about the flood risk management projects for which it has allocated funding.

The data uncovered revealed that the northwest will receive a significant funding cut of £28.6 million, despite the extreme weather conditions experienced across the region.

Funding allocated to manage flood risk in the region in 2023/2024 has decreased by 24.6%, down to £87.6 million from £116.2 million in 2022/2023.

In contrast, overall funding nationally has marginally increased by 0.2% from £836 million to £838 million.