A READER sent a picture of a thermometer they say was in Ulverston Market Hall reading a chilly six degrees celsius. 

The council acknowledged heating issues had been a problem in the market hall. 

The market user told The Mail: "The heating system has been broken for over a month in Ulverston Indoor Market, and the council don't seem to care about its traders or customers.

"Shocking cold conditions recently have seen temperatures in the market plummet to six degrees, sometimes lower, it is like walking into a fridge and traders are expected to stand and trade in these conditions all day.

"Four small temporary inadequate heaters have been placed around the market, but are completely useless in a large building.

"Westmorland and Furness Council continue to promote the market on social media, knowing it is freezing and unpleasant to enter the market."

“We are aware of issues with the heating in Ulverston Market Hall and are taking urgent steps to ensure the building is heated," a Westmorland and Furness Council spokesperson replied.

“We have already brought in a supply of mobile heaters and more heaters are being added.

“The current boiler requires replacement and this work is also being undertaken and we have allocated funding to the replacement works.

“We recognise the recent freezing weather has meant temperatures in the market hall have become very cold and we apologise to our traders, staff and customers for the problems with the heating, which we are working hard to remedy.’’

The council is setting up a pop-up library in the market hall as a temporary measure while it reviews what will happen next to the King's Road building, which has been closed since the discovery of electrical issues in a routine inspection. 

The Market Hall units will provide space for more stock for borrowing and areas that can be used for community groups, meetings and events.