Joey Hannah from The Crochet Corner was interviewed live on Radio Cumbria yesterday.

Joey runs a local group called The Crochet Corner for people across Ulverston, Millom and Barrow as well as a monthly workshop in Kendal.

At 10:30am on Tuesday December 5, she took to the airwaves to discuss sustainable, handmade Christmas gifts and decorations as well as her top tips for those looking to start crochet.

Over the years, Joey has made all sorts of crochet creations, from cushions, blankets and baubles to Christmas decorations, hats, gloves and more.

Instead of selling her masterpieces, Joey likes to wrap up her crochet as a thoughtful, handmade gift that doesn’t cost a lot of money. “It's super accessible,” Joey said, “All you need is a hook and some yarn and you're off!”

As Lockdown ended, Joey opened her living room and her hobby into a teaching group where people could get together and share resources.

Joey said: “Suddenly I had so many people wanting to learn! I had to learn how to teach on the go! It was crazy! I set off in my living room, and years later I still have some of my original crew coming to my groups!

Since then, The Crochet Corner has branched out to Millom Arts and Heritage Centre, Millom Guide Hall, Evermore Vintage in Ulverston, Catkin and Scraps in Ulverston, College House Community Hub in Barrow and Cool Crafting in Kendal.

Joey said she has been supported by some amazing people including Jade, Diane, Mags, Rita, Vickie and Sarah, without whom she wouldn’t be able to pursue her passion.

As well as learning to crochet, the group provides social support and brings people together, supporting each other through life's bumps, providing somewhere for people to come for conversation and company.

The groups are a great place for older people who don’t often leave the house, but all ages have joined, Joey has even taught children as young as eight!

“The main thing I love about crochet, is the massive mental health benefits,” Joey said.

“The tactile nature of crochet grounds you, the counting calms your breathing and heart rate, and the focus distracts from racing thoughts. Its hugely helpful for people with difficulties, especially panic and anxiety disorders.”