A nurse in Colton battled through the snow over the weekend to reach her patients by using a tractor.

Ashleigh Mayvers, a member of the Ulverston and District Nurses, lives on Bridgefield Farm and used those resources to her advantage.

With many vulnerable people still requiring treatment, especially in Cumbria's rural areas, Ashleigh was on hand to get to them.

She said: "With certain conditions, there's only so long that people can wait to have them treated so you have to find a way to reach them.

"Even with the tractor, it was difficult at times to keep it under control in the snow, which just goes to show how bad the roads were around us."

Not wanting the attention to be directly placed on her, Ashleigh explained that all district nurses in the region put their job above their own wellbeing throughout the harsh conditions.

"They were all having to walk on foot so that they could care for people, especially because they knew that letting some conditions wait for two or three days just isn't viable.

"I think it proves that nurses probably don't get enough money for what we do."

Despite major transport routes now being open after a weekend of disruption, many rural areas are still feeling the effects of the snow.

"The problem hasn't gone away, despite how easy it is to think that we've got through the worst of it," Ashleigh added.

"Our roads haven't been reached by gritters and there are plenty of people who are still isolated, which means we'll still be working hard to care for the community."

With her brother, Rikki, left looking after her children whilst she carried out her job, Ashleigh finished by saying that she was one of the lucky ones to have some form of transport to help her.

"It shouldn't be forgotten that, if the team in Ulverston weren't working so hard in town, I wouldn't have had the time to bound around in a tractor.

"All the nurses did a brilliant job and I hope that's remembered after this."