A COUPLE  braved it out and celebrated their wedding during Storm Debi.

Glen Midleham and Victoria Bailey, now Middleham, tied their knot in Bownes-on-Windermere in the midst of the storm on November 12. 

The pair met when they were younger during high school and reunited via Tinder five years ago.

"What I loved about Vicki was she was a family woman who loved her children and family, like myself, and very much loved life and her understanding for others along with a smile which would light the very darkest of rooms," said Glen.

Victoria said: " What I loved about Glen is he was a kind, caring patient who is an amazing dad to his three children. He always has a smile on his face, and his laugh is infectious."

Glen asked Victoria to marry him on July 9 2022, on Glen's 50th birthday, and got officially engaged on Christmas Eve last year when they announced it to their children and families. 

Their wedding celebration took place at the Lakes & Spa Hotel with their family members.

The pair said: "From all the planning and preparations, we both stood at the altar at 2.30pm. There we both stood, two people absolutely in love with each other and committing to each other in marriage which was so lovely for us both and our family attendees.

"Our reception was in the Lakes & Spa famous Donald Campbell room; this was decorated absolutely beautifully and I could not have wished for anything more.

"The food was absolutely stunning and well presented, there were no complaints, and there were only clean plates - the family couldn't believe their eyes."

During the photo shoots the pair from Ashton-in-Makerfield decided to be 'very brave' and travel in style in the Bentley down to the Lake and had the 'most amazing photos'

"The swans and the ducks unfortunately wouldn't let us go down the steps which was really funny, but ended up being the very best live photo," said the couple.

"Thanks to Juile Robinson, our photographer - she was so lovely and very experienced."

After their experience in Bowness the couple had a few 'lovely days' in Haworth in Yorkshire.

"We have now booked a dream Honeymoon in June 2024 on a Mediterranean cruise, which we are so excited about," concluded the couple.