A TIKTOK channel which visits 'lesser-known places in the UK', has named eight towns as 'the worst places' in Cumbria.

The channel's satirical, tongue-in-cheek videos have been filmed all over the UK and are posted under the name @turdtowns which has just under 9,000 followers and 133.5k likes. 

The Cumbria video, which lasts one minute and 53 seconds, was posted in October however it has gone recently gone viral amassing hundreds of comments in the last week in comparison to the channel's other UK areas.

It lists mostly west coast Cumbria towns showing shots of some of their worst parts, alongside birds eye views.

Here are the eight towns summed up which feature in ascending order:

Whitehaven: Sitting at the bottom of the list, Whitehaven didn't get it too bad in comparison to others and was described as 'pretty isolated' and 'around an hour from the motorway way if you're lucky'. 

Wigton: The town just outside the Lake District was described as 'pointless' and 'dead'. He then goes on to say that there is nothing there apart from a Lidl and that it 'stinks like rotten eggs.'

Bowness-on-Windermere: In particular, the TikToker hates Bowness however the holiday town is only placed at number 6.

He describes it as having 'mountains that are barely mountains', 'polluted water', 'gormless tourists' and says that 'everything is expensive.'




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Cleater Moor: Cleator Moor, the gateway to the beautiful Ennerdale valley, was savagely summed up as 'inbred'.

Workington: In this segment, the narrator takes aim at Workington's crime rate due to it being the worst in Cumbria.

Maryport: In this clip, Humphrey Senhouse's wife Mary, whom the town was named after, is referenced. The TikToker says she would 'be turning in her grave' if he could see the town of her namesake - Before calling it a 'desperate place'. 

Frizington: Poor Friz made the narrator hate his own job as referred to it as an 'embarrassment', stating that the smell of sewage is 'overpowering'.

Barrow-in-Furness: Unfortunately, Barrow was placed at the top of the list as he described it as hanging off England like 'a turd waiting to drop into the toilet'. 

This irked many people who live in the town who came to the defence of Barrow and didn't agree with it being placed at the top spot.

Ashley said: "Yet Barrow has one of the largest companies which means 1000's of jobs" whilst Ducky added: "Barrow is actually class."

Tyler Leech commented: "Big up barrow" whilst Wow asked: "WHAT DID BARROW DO TO YOU MY MAN".