Cumbria has been named in the top 20 most expensive areas across the United Kingdom when it comes to the price of petrol.

The county was placed in 19th spot with an average price per litre for unleaded fuel of 146.01p.

The data comes from the 2023 Fuel Price Report by Cromwell Trucks, which used research from the petrol index on

The Ilse of Man was an 'unexpected' header of the list, with an average price of 149.9p per litre for its population of 84,728.

East Central London, with an average of 149.4p, came in second, which was the same placing it received in the diesel category thanks to its average of 150.2p.

Having a population of just 7,500 and being the only town in the county of Shetland, Lerwick was named the third most expensive area with an average of 149.2p.

This narrowly beat Sutton at 149.1p and Kirkwall at 149p.

In terms of counties, Dumfriesshire was top of the list, with its average of 156.43p over 10p more than the typical cost in Cumbria.

In terms of the least expensive areas, Belfast's average of 140.2p means that its population of 643,005 can commute with relative ease.

Belfast beat out the likes of Torquay and Manchester, which had averages of 141.4p and 141.8p respectively.

Dundee is currently the cheapest county overall, with its average price of 136.53p almost 10p less than Cumbria.

Tayside, Co Down, Armagh, Angus, Antrim, Co Londonderry and Pembrokeshire all had average petrol prices below 140p.

The results for the county chart were sourced from Fleet News, proving that drivers in Cumbria will no doubt be focused on finding the best deals in their local area.