The Millom Christmas tree festival is making its annual return this weekend at St George's Church.

The team have been getting it ready since the middle of this week, with doors opening on Friday morning from 11:00am.

The festival will then run until December 24, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday up until 4:30pm.

Fee Wilson, the former mayor of Millom, has been working behind the scenes at the event since 2011, though has taken a slight step back this time around.

She said: "We've got a wonderful organiser now in Gill Greep and the Reverend Carl Carter has been a massive help as well, which means that there's less pressure on me nowadays!

"The idea all started over a decade ago when I was the mayor, a role my husband also had, and we visited Dalton, seeing their festival, which inspired us to emulate it in our little town."

The Mail: Local groups get to decorate and display their own trees - such as this tree of RemembranceLocal groups get to decorate and display their own trees - such as this tree of Remembrance (Image: Fee Wilson)

The aim of the festival is to spread some much needed festive cheer, as well as promoting the values of Millom.

"I just think that it's a beautiful thing to do at Christmas," Fee explained.

"When we saw it in Dalton, the atmosphere of the town was so lovely because you're supporting the area and reminding people why it's so great to live where we do."

Towards the beginning of the festival, around 30 trees were provided, with the hope that this year will see over 50.

Different groups, including schools and the army, are invited to bring and decorate their own tree to promote their unique, cheerful messages.

"It's obviously changed a lot since I first started and I don't want to think how long ago that was!" Fee admitted.

"Back then, we had to use doors instead of boards to support the trees, with local workers sanding them down and taking the knobs off!

"It's truly wonderful to see how much it has grown - I'm very proud of it, and of Millom too."