A BARROW business owner has issued an ultimatum to a restaurant in Sheffield to change its name before he takes more legal action.

Owners of Dodona House Mediterranean Grill in Duke Street, Barrow, were told that a business in Sheffield under the same name is willing to take their signs down to stop a trademark infringement. 

This comes after the local eatery urged the Sheffield business to remove their brand name from their premises and stop doing business activities under their name.

They have reported the trademark infringement to the Intellectual Property Office and filed a notice of threatened opposition against the business.

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"The restaurant in Sheffield is willing to take the signs down. If they don't, we know what we are going to do next," said the Barrow owner Horizont Pllana. 

"We will give them four weeks until we see if the signs have been put down. 

"If they don't we are going ahead."

The accused restaurant in Sheffield, Dodona, located on Sharrow Vale Road, was purchased in 2022 from the previous business owners. 

The owner said that 'nobody wants to fight' and that this is the first time it is dealing with a situation like this.

Mr Pllana said they had received CVs from people seeking a job at the Sheffield venue. 

He said: "I don't want to press any charges against them as long as they take the signs down because I learned that they haven't even operated.

"If I had never trademarked the name that we built from scratch, it would have broken my heart to lose it, so that's why I trademarked it. If the other restaurant wants to build a business from scratch, they should trademark it - this is the law here."