A POLICE Officer has reported a driver for driving with four of the worst set of tyres he has ever seen.

PC Eyres of South Lakes Police was on patrol in Grange-over-Sands when they noticed that both front tyres were mostly bald and the rears were both showing cord and wires.

The driver could now be facing a ban as well as a hefty fine with each tyre being the equivalent of three points.

The Mail:

The Mail:

A spokesperson for South Lakes Police posted on Facebook: “The driver was blatantly using the worst tyres I have seen in many years.

“In wet conditions you should extend your stopping distance by at least double due to tyres having less grip. These tyres are useless and could easily have resulted in a serious collision.

“At least the driver hadn’t killed or seriously injured anyone and a car in a dangerous condition is now taken off the road.”