A MAYOR is fronting a protest outside a library to highlight its 'vital' role in the community.

Michelle Scrogham will be campaigning outside Ulverston Library on Saturday at 1.30pm to reopen both the town's facility plus Roose in Barrow.

The mayor said she had decided to protest as she is 'concerned' with the 'ever-decreasing' services for people in Ulverston.

Mrs Scrogham said: "Westmorland and Furness Council have now closed our library, one of the busiest in the county, due to what they describe as an electrical fault that would cost several hundred thousand to repair.

"If the maintenance of the building has been neglected, as the numerous small issues on the report might suggest, this should not be to the cost of services for residents in Ulverston and surrounding villages."

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The mayor highlighted the importance of the library as a space for the community.

"Ulverston Library is not just books. It provides community space, which has also been reduced recently, for many voluntary groups delivering vital services and support locally," she said.

"These groups are struggling to continue while the building is closed, leaving many people without the regular support they need. It was Ulverston's warm space last winter, a huge concern as we head into cold weather and don’t have this provision. It houses one of the very few public toilets and the facility for tech support that many without PC’s or printers rely on.

"Housing the books in The Coro damages the viability of that business too, with several large events being unable to run there without those spaces. Two large events are already in jeopardy, and I would urge Westmorland and Furness to address this quickly before more damage is done."

A statement issued previously by Westmorland and Furness council said it was 'working hard to find appropriate solutions' for the future of the two closed libraries. 

The statement recognised the 'importance' of the library services and appreciated the 'level of interest' in the future of these services.