Monday night's edition of the BBC2 programme University Challenge featured three separate questions about Cumbria and Morecambe Bay.

The show, hosted by Amol Rajan, tests the knowledge of brainy students from across the country.

This time around the teams were composed of students from the Open University and University of East Anglia (UAE).

Among the puzzling questions put to them were three based around our local area but are you smart enough to figure them out for yourself?

Chemical Conundrum

First up: can you name the chemical element that shares its symbol with the postcode highlighted below on the map?

The Mail: Figure out the postcode and then the chemical element from the Periodic TableFigure out the postcode and then the chemical element from the Periodic Table (Image: BBC)

Members from the UAE team got this alarmingly quickly, earning applause from their competitors, but can you figure it out?

The postcode, which is probably the easiest part to fathom for our local readers, starts with LA for the Lancaster and south Cumbrian region.

Given up? Worked it out?

LA on the Periodic Table stands for Lanthanum, which is a soft, ductile, silvery-white metal with the atomic number 57 (obviously).

Coastal Challenge

The Mail: The UEA team were left flummoxed by the next questionThe UEA team were left flummoxed by the next question (Image: BBC)

The coastal plain in west Lancashire between the River Ribble and Morecambe Bay has what short name?

Need a clue? A borough of the same name has its headquarters at Lytham St. Anne's.

It must be a tricky one because the UAE competitors were forced to pass but local knowledge might come out trumps here.

The answer, of course, is Fylde, which covers approximately 13 miles and faces the Irish Sea to the west.

Middle Earth or Morecambe Bay?

The final question of the three took on a slightly different approach, featuring in a round dedicated to the Lord of the Rings.

The Mail: Open University students discuss their answerOpen University students discuss their answer (Image: BBC)

What word is common to the names of a large town near Morecambe Bay noted for shipbuilding and an area to the east of the Old Forest where Frodo is attacked by an undead figure?

The first part of the puzzle likely would have been enough for our readers but have you also brushed up on your Middle Earth knowledge?

The answer is Barrow, which the Open University correctly answered on their way to a comprehensive 265-130 win.