In a world often filled with uncertainty and chaos, my faith has become my unwavering companion, lighting my path with courage and hope. As I reflect on my four-decade journey of faith, I'm compelled to share how it has profoundly moulded my outlook, guiding me to choose ‘Faith Over Fear’.

Throughout my life's journey of faith, I've encountered a blend of uncertainty, challenges, heartache, pain, tears, triumphs, and joy. The daily barrage of distressing news can be overwhelming, and the burden of the unknown can be unbearable!  However, it's in precisely these moments that my faith shines most brightly.

My faith reminds me that God is the author of life, and every facet of my existence securely rests in His hands. This realisation fortifies my belief, enabling me to navigate life's trials with unwavering trust in God's providence. It's this conviction that motivates me as a priest to share this hope with others.

God  intimately knows my past, present, and future. Nothing escapes Him or catches Him by surprise. My faith encourages me to place my trust in God even when the path ahead remains veiled.

In moments of turmoil and uncertainty, I turn my gaze towards Jesus Christ. He is the wellspring of my hope, strength, and courage. He stands as the unwavering anchor amidst life's storms, the unshakeable bedrock of my faith. I've discovered that by keeping my focus on Him, I can embrace Faith over Fear and  unearth a peace that transcends all comprehension.

Written by Father Mark Edwards, who is from Furness but is now living in Newcastle.

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