A group of former players returned to Barrow Raiders over the weekend as part of ongoing anniversary celebrations.

This was done to mark 40 years since the rugby league club won the Lancashire Cup, which is their last major success to date.

The retired stars who visited were Tommy Dawes, Steve Tickle, Dave Milby, Andy Whittle, Ralph McConnell, Les Wall, Steve Herbert, Dave Cairns, Dave Tyson, Terry Moore and Steve Mossop.

Speaking about the game, one supporter said: "Brilliant win and game that will live long in the memory of lots of Barrow fans.

"This team unknowingly made themselves legendary status on this day."

On October 1, 1983, the team were triumphant in the Lancashire Cup Final against Widnes, winning 12-8 at Central Park in Wigan.

Of the players who returned to the club, there was a standout appearance from Dave Cairns, who was named as man of the match in the final four decades ago.

Added to this, Ralph McConnell and Steve Tickle could look back fondly on the game, after scoring a try and drop goal respectively that helped the Raiders get over the line.

Fans of the team used the opportunity to reminisce on one of the happiest days in the club's history.

One person added: "This team is when I started supporting BRLFC as a nine year old, even now 40 years on when I say hello to some of them I’m still in awe!"

"Know we all have our favourite players but Ralph McConnell was my hero and favourite from this era," another said.

Barrow Raiders have also recently launched a new commemorative kit that is designed to exactly resemble the one worn by the winning team.

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When the shirt was released, a spokesperson for the club said: "At Barrow Raiders, we are very proud of the history and heritage of our club.

"The shirts will stand the test of time and can be worn season after season, celebrating a wonderful time in our history."