THERE has been a rise in the number of witches living in Barrow, according to the latest census figures.

As Halloween looms, a look at the most recent census figures shows there are a surprising number of people who identify as witches, pagans, and even Satanists across England and Wales.

In Barrow, 21 people selected Wicca as their religion in Census 2021. The religion developed in England during the first half of the 20th century, deriving from the Old English 'wicca' and 'wicce', the masculine and feminine term for witch.

The number of people identifying as wiccan is up from 15 in the 2011 census.

In Barrow, 72 people said they were pagan.

Satanism is also on the rise across the nations. Nearly 5,100 people identified as Satanists in the recent census – more than doubling from 1,900 a decade prior.

Despite the name, not all Satanists believe in a literal Lucifer. Instead, it is often a metaphor for questioning authority and rejecting mainstream religion.

In Barrow-in-Furness, five people said they were Satanists.