POWER boat teams and drivers have gathered at Coniston Water once again to break water speed records this week. 

The annual event has returned this year for its 51st edition. Watercraft of all sizes and piloted by drivers from nine years old to those with over 40 years of experience are taking to the water. 

Among the competitors hoping to claim a new World Record this year is 49-year-old Marian Jung who is undertaking the 2,000km journey from his home in Slovakia. Following a successful season racing in the UIM F500 World Championship, Marian will be competing for the F500 speed record which currently stands at 106.67mph.

One of the many returning competitors to Coniston this year will be 18-year-old George Elmore in his GT30 Monhull. After setting a new British National speed record in Coniston in 2022 in the Clubman 1000 Monohull class at 51.93mph, George from the Chatham in Kent has been bitten by the speed bug.

The youngest competitor of the week will be nine-year-old Tate Mantripp from Lowestoft, Suffolk. Despite being one of the youngest powerboat drivers in the UK, Tate has already achieved 3rd place in the British Sprints Championship in the 2023 racing season. In Coniston this year Tate will be looking to become the new World and British National record holder of the GT15 class at over 40mph.  

The first day of the water speed records (Monday October 30) was quieter than usual as the weather meant the conditions were not conducive with smaller or catamaran boats. 

The first run of the week was Records Week stalwart, Bob McCarthy who, after several set up adjustments, established a new outright World and British National Record in the Endurance Group B - Promotion 150 (P) class at 60.87mph.

Another record breaker of day one was Helen Loney who is a veteran of Record Week. Helen from Kendal, who is the current holder of the Ladies Outright British National Record today set a new British National Record in the National Unlimited Monohull over 2050cc at 59.92mph.

The first day of Records Week 2023 saw a total of 17 runs with one World and National and three National Records set or broken.