Beloved TV chef Dave Myers 'never thought' that he'd make it to see Christmas amid his health scare.

The 66-year-old culinary star, one half of the famous Hairy Bikers alongside friend Si King, has opened up about his health journey which forced him to step away from the cameras for several months during his treatment.

In May 2022, Dave was diagnosed with cancer.

Although he hasn't disclosed the exact type, he has since reflected on the physical toll the illness took on him.

He shared that sometimes he felt too ill to even walk, and that he experienced the loss of his iconic hair as a result of the treatment.

Dave underwent 30 rounds of chemotherapy, prompting a break from filming and public appearances.

His health is now said to be “going the right way”.

The dynamic duo recently made appearances on This Morning and Saturday Kitchen, where Dave opened up more about his experience.

During Saturday Kitchen, he confided in host Matt Tebutt revealing that this year's Christmas special was particularly poignant as he had doubted he'd be there for it.

He said: “I don’t go on about it too much, but with most Christmas specials you have to cook for somebody, but this was kind of like the Hairy Bikers best ever Christmas. Because it was the Christmas I never thought I’d be here for.”

The Barrow-born biker explained that he "had to learn to walk, and I had to learn to ride my motorcycle again."

During Dave's hiatus while undergoing treatment, Si continued to fly the Hairy Biker banner solo.

He said: "He's my best mate and we've known each other for 30 years and cooked together for 22.

"So you just feel a little bit odd."

The North East native said "it was really emotional" to be back filming with Dave on their bikes.