Ulverston Post Office is aiming to raise awareness of its banking services to help small local businesses and older members of the community.

In a Facebook post created this week, the brand informed its followers that 38% of independent retailers would only consider going cashless if a bank branch or Post Office were to close down in their local area - meaning they value cash more than ever. 

Concerns have been raised in recent months after several bank branches have closed in the town with Lloyds set to close in April 2024. 

After Barclays announced its closure, Barrow and Furness MP Simon Fell had a meeting with bosses at LINK back in August of this year to create a banking hub, however plans are yet to be finalised. 

Ulverston Post Office manager, Charlie Dixon, said: "We just want to remind people that were are here and to be aware of our in-branch everyday banking services.

"These include getting cash in and out, paying in cheques and checking balances.

"I don't think a lot of people know we have these banking services which are vital for older people after the amount of banks that have closed in the area. 

"Some older people don't trust the internet, may not like ATMs and there's a community aspect to being able to come in and take care of your business with friendly staff.

"Cash is vital for independent and small businesses also and we'd like them to know we're here as they've really been struggling in recent times.

"One businessman told me he had been doing a roundtrip of 16 miles from Barrow to put cash in.

"We have posters and flyers up to tell people of the banking services but I think when people come in and they're busy with things to do, they might not look around or realise. 

"We'd like to stand together with the community for the businesses we love and its older members. It's important to remember how many people still rely on physical cash."

To find out more about the banking services that the Post Office provides, please visit its website.