Lamont Pridmore, a team of Cumbrian accountants, tax and business advisers, has achieved top ranking in a national survey by CharterGroup.

CharterGroup, founded in 1986, is one of the UK's leading alliances of reputable independent accountancy firms.

Each year, they conduct an inter-firm comparison survey, providing members an opportunity to assess their performance and productivity against each other, and to further refine their services.

Lamont Pridmore, operating from eight locations across Cumbria and the North West, excelled in this year's survey.

Their team delivered 40 per cent more value to clients than the other firms surveyed, and were 28 per cent more effective in the process.

The firm also stood out operationally, boasting lower-than-average running costs.

Graham Lamont, Chief Executive at Lamont Pridmore, said: “These figures are excellent news for us, but more importantly for our clients, with real-world implications for what we can achieve on their behalf.

"Our experienced team can deliver an efficient, expert service which offers real value for money to our clients.

“Additionally, we’ve a proven track record at driving revenue increases for clients and putting them in the best possible financial position.”

Lamont Pridmore’s team are dedicated to passing on the benefits of their success to their clients.

The firm offers a comprehensive array of business advice and accounting services.

Their expertise range from support for family and owner manager businesses to finance director support and profit improvement.

Mr Lamont said: “We are incredibly proud of the measurable value we’ve been able to deliver this year. Our team’s dedication has produced unprecedented results for our clients, who put their trust in us and fuel our ambition and continued success.”