Vickerstown Primary School have elected their first-ever Head Boy and Head Girl chosen in a pupil-led vote.

Simon Fell, MP for Barrow and Furness, presented badges to Head Boy Rauri Abernethy, Head Girl Niamh Otley, and deputies Henry Doughty and Beau McDonald this week.

It is the first time that pupils have been able to vote for their favourite candidates, with the roles previously awarded by staff.

In their pursuit to acquire these positions, Niamh explained that her fellow students had stood for election by delivering speeches and each class was given three votes each.

Rauri said he was 'very pleased' to be voted for.

He said: “I didn’t vote for myself because I didn’t think it would be fair."

Henry and Beau attributed their success to their sense of humour, alongside other attributes.

“I can make people laugh and I can help people with a lot of their work and I think I’m a really good friend to them,” said Beau.

The voting and presentation was organised by Year 6 teacher Correen Watt, who commended the children.

“It is really good for the children to lead the selection process as it has empowered them and it will give those selected the confidence because they were selected by their peers,” she said.

MP Simon Fell praised the children during his visit.

“It can be a terrifying thing to put yourself forward but is a real honour to represent your class, your school and your community and I am sure you will all do well,” he said.

Prefects were also announced in the special assembly and Mason Pratt received his certificate as Sports Captain.