A group of young performers will be making their debut on the big stage when they perform at The Forum in Barrow.

The Walney Junior Amateur Operatic Society (WJAOS) is set to bring Peter Pan to life from Wednesday, October 18, to Saturday, October 21.

Their final rehearsal took place on Thursday, meaning all eyes are set on their fast-approaching opening night.

Mark Johnson, production director for the Society, said: "The cast is excited to be on that stage now, in costume, with the set.

"Of course there will be some nerves which I would expect - to be honest I'd be nervous if there wasn't."

The Mail: The full cast during rehearsalsThe full cast during rehearsals (Image: Ian Allington)

Mr Johnson himself joined the society at the age of 13 years, which kickstarted his love of the theatre.

Along with the production team, musical director Paul Blake and choreographer Sue Lloyd-Roberts, he is looking forward to seeing what the children bring to the stage.

"We do have a lot of new children who have not been in a show like this before and to witness their progress over these past months is extremely rewarding," he said.

"Being part of amateur dramatics is an amazing experience for a number of reasons - it's great for your child's confidence building, they make some great friendships, and the buzz of going on stage is like you've come home."

The Mail: The main stars of the showThe main stars of the show (Image: Ian Allington)

For the performance, the cast started rehearsals back in March, ensuring what they showcase to the town is as top-drawer as possible.

"Peter Pan has been done twice before by this society," Mr Johnson explained. 

"It's a story which the majority of children out there to this day love, with so many different takes on it over the years - who doesn't love a bit of magic in their lives?"

If there are any children looking to join the group, parents and guardians can contact the society through their Facebook page or via walneyjuniors1@gmail.com.

Tickets for the show cost £13 and can be bought through the Forum's website.