Halloween is a time for telling ghost stories and sharing spooky encounters.

As Furness has such a fascinating history, we have taken a look at the UK's Paranormal Database.

We found eight reported sightings in the database from around the Furness region.

Check the list of Furness ghosts below....


The Mail:


Vanishing man 

Clive Street - Circa 2008

"Driving along Clive Street on a dark rainy night, a driver and his daughter spotted a male figure crossing the road in a diagonal path from left to right.

"As the driver slowed to let him cross, the figure just vanished. The driver's daughter yelled 'Stop the car, dad, that man just disappeared'. The driver stopped and climbed out the car, but the man was nowhere to be seen."

Flying Kettle

Station House, Roose (aka Roosecote) - December 1930

"Stationmaster J Jackson and his family moved from the property having experienced a poltergeist outbreak which included destruction of crockery, a flying kettle and a levitating tea-table. A surveyor who investigated the site claimed the poltergeist to be vibrations from passing trains.


Man in Tall Hat

Priory Gatehouse

"This figure has been observed standing in the grounds, disappearing if spoken to. Monks are also reported to haunt the area, named as those who have died trying to help people lost and stuck in the nearby sands.

Woman who Calls

Cartmel Fell - North of area

"This woman's lover, a charcoal burner, died after being struck by lightning. She slowly pined away, and now can be heard calling out for her partner."



Simon's Nick rock face

"Simon was shown a secret seam of copper by fairies - he mined it, but bad luck followed - he was blown up when a keg of gunpowder exploded.

"Simon's shade is said to hang around the rock face that now bears his name."



Furness Abbey - 2005

"A ghostly figure in robes was seen walking towards the gatehouse before vanishing into a wall. It is said the monk sometimes appears on horseback, and the site is also haunted by a white woman."

Roaring Train

Old rail track between Goldmire Junction and Millwood Junction - Twentieth century

"Some witnesses allege hearing the sudden sound of an engine and feeling the rush of wind one experiences when a train passes by."


Old Woman

Private residence - Circa 1996

"A woman waiting outside her boyfriend's parents' house in a car spotted his mother at an upstairs window. The woman waved but received no acknowledgement in return.

"When the boyfriend came to the car, the woman mentioned spotting the mother upstairs, only to be told he was alone in the house.

"The boyfriend returned to check the house and found it empty. The woman realised the figure stood at an odd angle and was not quite clear.