Pupils in Barrow had a chance to learn about disabilities under the guidance of a sporting world champion.

Children from Cambridge Primary School enjoyed a taster wheelchair basketball session with Carlisle-based Nat Pattinson, who plays for Team GB.

They took the wheelchairs for a spin round the hall and discovered how perseverance and teamwork skills are important in the sport.

Teacher Emily Rebello, who organised the session, said: "It was a really fun session and a good way for the children to see how being disabled doesn’t stop you from achieving in sport.”

The Mail: The kids got a chance to test their skills in the sportThe kids got a chance to test their skills in the sport (Image: Kathryn Kittley)

Among the participants were Year Five pupils who said they had enjoyed seeing how sports can be adapted for people with different needs.

"I thought it was a great experience," one member of the class added. 

"It was good to see how someone with disabilities might get involved in sport.”