In 2014, Tarmara Atkinson embarked on a transformational journey with Ulverston's Slimming World group and lost over two stone.

The 48-year-old horse lover has maintained her weight loss since reaching her goal in 2017, falling from a size 20 to a size 10 in clothes.

Tarmara was motivated to lose weight by her horse-riding passion, as at the time she says she was too heavy to ride her horse.

She said: “Like most people, I’d tried to lose weight countless times, yet nothing ever really seemed to stick.

"Slimming World was completely different because it was just so simple. I could still enjoy hearty, home-cooked meals with my partner while losing weight, which seemed like a miracle at the time!

“With Slimming World the support that I needed was there right from day one, both from my Consultant Claire Webb and the other members in the group. I picked up new ideas and recipes every week – I still do now, in fact – and I started to really believe that I could do it.

"And I did, because six years later I’m still at my target weight.”

According to a Slimming World survey, 83 per cent of people still attending a slimming club up to three years after first joining reported that their health had improved, with 93 per cent attributing the improvement to their weight management and lifestyle changes.

Dr Amanda Avery, Slimming World’s Health and Research Consultant Dietitian, said: “This research shows anyone who is trying to lose weight and keep it off, how important it is to make healthy lifestyle changes."

Maintaining an active lifestyle was fundamental for Tarmara, now walking over four miles each day and competing with her horse, Peggy, in numerous contests.

And even after hitting her target weight in July 2017, she has faithfully frequented the Tuesday morning Slimming World meetings in Ulverston.

Claire, who leads the Ulverston group, said: “I’m so proud of Tarmara and the inspirational way in which she’s maintained her weight loss.

"It’s always great for new members to meet Tarmara and see just what’s possible at Slimming World – after we’ve explained why someone so slim is in the group in the first place, that is!

"I hope she inspires other people in Ulverston too and proves to them that with Slimming World you really can get slim for good.”

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