A dog trainer and human psychologist is relocating to Cumbria, offering free training services to charities.

Emily Bright, with a unique dual expertise in cognitive behavioural therapy and animal behaviour, is set to broaden her reach as she moves to Crosthwaite in the coming weeks.

Ms Bright offers behavioural support for horses and dogs, specialising in anxiety-related issues.

Her training methods, which she says are informed by modern science and ethical premises, focus on enhancing human-animal interactions.

She said, "Good training improves the owner-animal relationship, which in turn facilitates the training.

"My motto is ‘relationship first, training second’."

The Mail: Dog trainer and human psychologist, Emily Bright

Ms Bright's passion for rescue work led her to offer free training for charities, aiming to increase behavioural modification and safe restraint during veterinary procedures.

Her services include one-to-one sessions, online workshops focusing on dog reactivity and body language, and personalised training programs for animal-related professionals such as vets.

"As well as animal training, I am also a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist," she said.

She says she brings her cognitive therapy skills into the mix, guiding pet owners to overcome personal anxieties and barriers that may prevent effective animal training.

The Mail: Dog trainer and human psychologist, Emily Bright

She said: "This adds a really useful dimension to my animal training, because after all I am training the owner – not the animal."

She will be covering an an area spanning a 50-mile radius from Crosthwaite and offers remote sessions for those located further.

She shares her home with three dogs - a German and Belgian Shepherd mixes - and two rescue ponies.