The new online Sankey Archive gives access to over 10,000 photographs of Barrow and the surrounding areas, including 167 results for the Shipyard.

There are pictures of the workers and the ships, submarines and equipment from the early 20th century.

You can see a C class submarine passing under the high level bridge from Buccleuch dock into Devonshire dock, Russian armoured cruiser Rurik, which was launched 17 November 1906, and a ship on drag chains.

Workers watch the action from the foot of a crane while rowing boats and two funnel tugboats attend the launch. Another picture shows a view of the long bay, women workers with male supervisors overseeing shrapnel filling tables.

There's also an incredible portrait view of the Russian armoured cruiser Rurik which was launched in1906. The bridge to the gun shop and heavy shipyard cranes can be seen in the background with shipyard workers on the wooden deck.

HMS Princess Royal can also be seen sliding down the slipway into Walney Channel trailing drag chains and ropes.

The double launch of the Estonian Navy submarines Kalev and Lembit can be seen in 1936 going down Armstrong Barrow's slipway. The former was believed to have hit a seamine in 1941.

 A C class submarine passes under the High Level bridge from Buccleuch dock into Devonshire dock with the Brazilian battleship Sao Paulo being outfitted beneath the shipyard crane. 

There's also an insight into some downtime as fun pictures reveal what the ship yard sports day looked like in the 1920s with jackets of for a wheelbarrow race.

To view more of the historic pictures, visit the Sankey online photo archive