BARROW'S MP welcomed Liz Truss's disastrous so-called mini-budget - as the first anniversary of the doomed package of measures approaches.

Saturday will mark a year to the day since the former prime minister announced £45 billion in tax cuts that proved to be her undoing, serving only 49 days in the job.

At the time, Conservative Mr Fell described the economic measures as 'welcome interventions to improve growth in the economy'.

He argued the proposed tax cuts would 'directly support people with the cost of living and allow them to make more choices about how they spend their money'.

Looking back a year on, the Barrow MP did not stick by the budget, but said he thought Mrs Truss's priorities were the right ones.

"At the heart of Liz Truss's agenda was a desire to see growth and to help people through the cost of living crisis - she offered significant support on energy costs and a range of measures that would kickstart the economy and put more money in people's pockets," he said.

"While I didn't support her campaign or vote for her, I do agree with those priorities.

"Ultimately though she failed as she tried to do too much at once, failed to communicate, and spooked the markets.

"With Rishi Sunak as PM we have someone who is trusted with the economy and has set clear and transparent targets - cutting inflation, reducing debt and growing the economy - and it is clear that with his stewardship the plan is working."

Earlier this week, Liz Truss defended her mini-budget in a speech at the Institute for Government think tank,

Pitched as her first significant intervention on the economy since leaving office, Ms Truss urged the Government to cut taxes, shrink welfare spending and raise the retirement age.

She declined to express regret about the consequences of her ill-fated package of tax cuts last year and insisted it would only have made a 'marginal difference' to the deficit.

“I admit the communication wasn’t as good as I would want it to be,” she said in the Q&A after her speech.