Looking back – A village shop that closed over 40 years ago is still remembered.

The village Co-op in Broughton-in-Furness closed 40 years ago, Jenifer Rekowski has shared the important role this shop played in her life.

When she was growing up, Jenifer’s mum, Vera, worked at Broughton Co-op and rode her bike to work every day.

Although Vera started as a shop assistant, she worked her way up and took over as manageress when her boss retired.

In the “good old days,” Jenifer remembers her mum delivering people’s orders on her bike, “she cycled from Foxfield each day,” because it was the best way to get to the village.

The old Co-op was located on the corner of Prince's Street at the bottom of the hill, after it closed the building was turned into the houses that can be seen today.

Jenifer said the Co-op was a very popular shop, “People came from all over. Orders were run in from customers who lived all the way up the Duddon valley. The post men delivered to some very rural areas.

“I used to work as a mobile hairdresser around the area and always used to call in the co-op for a brew.”

During “the days when you knew every customer by name” Jenifer often helped serve people,” and enjoyed meeting “lots of characters.”

Vera worked at the shop for more than 25 years until the Co-op closed, she was made redundant at age 57 when she decided to stop working and enjoy her retirement.