SHOPPERS are being put off by an 'awful' smell in a major supermarket.

For weeks shoppers have been met with a foul smell upon entering Barrow's Tesco Extra. 

A strong odour has been reported near the entrance to the store and towards the supermarket's pharmacy and toiletries section.

The supermarket chain has identified the problem and says the stench has been caused by a blocked rainwater collection drain.

Hundreds of shoppers in Barrow say they have noticed the smell, with some saying it has put them off shopping there.

And some have said the foul odour is making them feel sick when they enter the store, in Hindpool Road.

Writing on social media, Mail reader Julivir Wearing said: "It’s been like that for a few weeks.

"Makes me sick and can’t be good for food to be around it - and the clothes they sell."

Les Hall described the smell as 'awful' and said he had raised it with store staff.

"I complained and was told there was a problem with the drains," he said.

"You can smell sewage when you go in.

"I’ve stopped going as often."

Vickie Martin also said she had noticed a foul smell in the aisles while doing her shopping.

She said the cashier had told her several other shoppers had also brought it up.

Marina Simpson said the stench 'seems to be getting worse'.

"It's so strong it makes you want to vomit," she said. 

Meanwhile, Jane Heslop said: "It's awful.

"Absolutely stinks down by the pharmacy."

Julia Wright said: "Yes it was awful yesterday - smelt like the drains had gone."

Angie Arrowsmith described the smell as 'absolutely horrendous'.

The Mail understands the supermarket's maintenance team are working to solve the issue as soon as possible. 

Shoppers at other Tesco supermarkets across the country have reported the same problem, with drain issues also causing a stink.

In some cases the stores have had to temporarily close, but Barrow's Tesco Extra has remained open.