THE owner of a drone caught the moment a property owner shot it out of the sky, according to an investigation.

The drone operator was flying it over land in Barrow to film classic cars when it was damaged.

The aircraft was shot down by someone bearing a  shotgun as it flew around 30 metres up overhead.  

The incident was looked into by the Air Accident Investigations Branch.

The branch, which usually probes crashes involving helicopters and other aircraft crashes to prevent future incidents, did not launch a full investigation into the incident.

 It produced a report into the Barrow incident, which happened on the evening of May 17.

According to the report, the pilot was not aware he was flying in a restricted zone, with the airspace around Walney airfield protected.

The drone said to have been damaged was a DJI Mini 2, which can sell for more than £400.

The AAIB report said: "The remote pilot was operating the 249g UA at a height of about 30 m above a private property to take video of some classic cars located there.

"He was not aware that he was flying in a Flight Restricted Zone of a nearby airfield because the UA manufacturer’s app did not show it and he had not checked an official source.

"From the video feed he saw a person at the property taking pictures of his UA and talking on the phone.

"The person then walked away but came back with a shotgun and shot at the UA causing it to fall to the ground.

"The event was the subject of a police investigation."

Following the incident, a Cumbria Police spokesman said: "Police received a report at 8.38pm on May 17 of criminal damage to a drone in the Ormsgill Lane area of Barrow.

"Enquiries are continuing into this reported incident."

Police confirmed they are still investigating the incident.