On Back British Farming Day, Barrow and Furness MP Simon Fell showed his robust support for the nation's farmers and their produce.

He celebrated the high-quality, eco-friendly and nutritious food produced by our farmers, who are considered by the British public as one of the most important and well-respected professions, only surpassed by nursing.

Marking the occasion, Mr Fell sported a wheatsheaf pin, the emblem of Back British Farming Day, during Prime Minister's Questions.

This badge was crafted from British sourced wool and wheat.

Mr Fell said: “Cumbria is full of remarkable farmers and growers who do their bit not just to keep us fed, but to protect our landscapes, and to keep our rural communities going.

“There’s no doubt that the last few years have been a challenge for farmers, so more than ever it is important that we support them, buy British, and take the time to thank them for all they do.

“This is one of the reasons why I’ve backed the Dr Luke Evans’ excellent campaign for a ‘Buy British’ button on supermarkets’ online stores. Furness' farmers and fishermen are some of the best around - this change would help consumers, British farmers and fishermen, the environment, the economy, food security, and our rural communities.

“It’s been a real pleasure to have spent so much time meeting local farmers recently, on farms, at the Auction Mart, with the Farming Minister, and at agricultural shows. I want to see Furness’ farmers thrive and am very glad to join with the NFU President Minette Batters this morning to #BackBritishFarming.

“Amidst a changing and often challenging landscape, Britain’s farmers have continued to persevere and provide the food for your tables. This is why I fully support the Back British Farming campaign and will continue to seek a future where British food and farming can thrive.”