Barrow MP Simon Fell met with banking service Cash Access UK to discuss a banking hub for Ulverston. 

Since before Lloyds bank announced further closures in July, there have been concerns raised by the minister and local residents about dwindling banks and access to cash in the town.

LINK, the UK’s Cash Access and ATM network, agreed that Ulverston needs a shared hub and Cash Access UK will be responsible for delivering it.

The Barrow and Furness MP has now met with two of its members to discuss plans.

Mr Fell said: "Since before Lloyds Banking Group announced that they plan to close their branch in Ulverston, I’ve been arguing for a shared banking hub to be established in town - allowing all the major banks to maintain a presence in Ulverston under one roof and offering decent opening hours for local residents and businesses. 

"Now Lloyds have made their announcement, LINK have agreed that Ulverston needs one of these hubs, and Cash Access will be responsible for delivering it.

"We talked about opening hours, maintaining access to cash during festivals, and potential locations.

"While Lloyds’ decision is a massive disappointment, a banking hub will be a genuine improvement for local people, offering dependable 9-5 hours all week, full counter services run by the Post Office Ltd, and access to the five largest banks. We will be much better served with it."