TWO mountain rescue teams and the North West Air Ambulance Service were paged out to a man who had tumbled ten metres while descending Goats Hawse. 

Coniston Mountain Rescue Team received a call at 1.16pm on Friday from Cumbria Police. They dispatched a Landrover with a second vehicle following and contacted Duddon and Furness Mountain Rescue Team for support. 

The incident log stated: "It was clear that the casualty’s condition was significantly worse than had originally been understood having taken a tumbling fall of around 10 metres, and so Helimed 08 from North West Air Ambulance Service was tasked.

The Mail: The hiker fell while descending Goat's HawseThe hiker fell while descending Goat's Hawse (Image: Coniston Mountain Rescue Team)

"On arrival, the casualty was clearly quite unwell with a significant head injury and treatment was commenced to stabilise him. Paramedics from H08 took over treatment and soon felt they too needed further support, so Helimed 58 from The Great North Air Ambulance Service was tasked to the scene with Critical Care Doctors on board."

The casualty was given strong pain relief, his suspected injuries were splintered and he was carried up the hill to the helicopters at the top of Goats Hawse. 

He was flown to the major trauma centre at Royal Preston Hospital.