A Barrow-born actor is preparing to tour local schools with a play addressing violence towards women and girls.

This October, the production is set to play across South Cumbrian schools, as part of an project developed by All Things Considered Theatre, in collaboration with Barrow arts organisation, BarrowFull.

The curriculum-based programme is focused on honest dialogue about negative stereotypes, gender pressure, and the early phases of violence against females.

This is the professional debut of Barrow-born actor Emily Wild, who said: “I am finally able to give back to my local community.

"This performance entails a strong message that urgently needs addressing, in a very fun and clever way.

"I wish we had a project like this come into our schools when I was younger, to address the societal, stereotypical problems, both males and females face.

"It means a lot to me that my first professional job is in my home town because if it wasn’t for the amateur groups, specifically Walney Juniors and Walney Musical Theatre Company, I would not of had the confidence to chase my dreams.”

Conversations about recognising 'red flags', understanding friendship, and imparting respect were carried out with South Cumbrian year six pupils prior to the development of the piece.

The main aim is to empower students with the language and skillsets necessary to challenge inappropriate language and behaviour later in life.

Emma Bramley, of All Things Considered Theatre, said: “With so many young men being drawn into more violent language and behaviours amongst women including older men targeting and encouraging young men in online forums there is a recognition that boys may feel a bit lost.

“Older adult men can welcome in boys in these online communities, initially making them feel listened to, but then making the online world an ultimately dangerous place for them as well as girls, a subject we will explore throughout our work.”