A video showing how "life on the farm isn't always cute cows", filmed in the Lake District, has gone viral.

The South Cumbrian farm posted a video to show how the farm creates 1,080,000 gallons of slurry each year - in other words, cow poo.

The account called daily.doseofdairy has 5,520 followers however its cow poo video has gained 1.1m views.

The 21-second clip first shows a pump spraying out the brown substance before showing the empty vast slurry store with the farm's cute sheepdog all the way down at the bottom. 

Narrated by a social media manager Cecile Clark, she explains: "Life on the farm isn't always really cute dairy cows. This is our slurry store and it holds 270,000 gallons of slurry (1,227,444 litres).

The Mail:

"Slurry is pumped from underground storage to this tower ready for it to be applied to the field and make the grass grow.

"Our farm produces roughly 1,080,000 gallons of this each year (4,900,000 litres).

Adam Handley, owner of the Lake District dairy farm, teamed up with young entrepreneur Cecile, to educate people on modern British farming.

The Mail: A screenshot from one of their videosA screenshot from one of their videos (Image: TikTok)

They aim to create educational videos on farming to destroy the negative stereotypes behind farming and the dairy industry. The pair have both been a part of young farmers' club Kent Estuary and now post videos on their TikTok account, Daily Dose Of Dairy, every day.

Many people took to the comments section to express their disgust but also remarked how informative the video was. 

One TikTok user said: "Fab fact filled TikTok."

One woman said: "Thank you for making a TikTok for reality."

Another commented: "Do i wanna know what slurry is? No. but do i have an idea? yes."

One user added: "Forbidden chocolate milk."

To view the video, visit the daily.doseofdairy TikTok account.