ONIONS are a regular part of many meals however Barrow-born Hairy Biker Dave Myers revealed he has been put off them since he started his recovery from cancer. 

The TV chef talked about his new relationship with the vegetable as he recovers from cancer.

Last month Dave shared an update saying that his health is "a work in progress." He has never revealed what type of cancer he is recovering from but has shared updates on the progress of his chemo and radiotherapy sessions. 

On this week's Agony Uncles podcast, where he and fellow biker Si King discuss and attempt to offer solutions to issues that are sent in by listeners, they talked about onions. 

Listener Sonya wanted advice on how to chop onions without tearing up. 

Dave said: "I think you get used to it, we're immune Kingy aren't we?" "Completely," Si replied. 

Dave then went on to say that he knows some people wear swimming goggles when they chop onions. 

Si said: "Dave and I must have chopped a million onions in our career and it just doesn't bother us anymore." 

Si called it a 'first world problem' and suggested covering it up or putting the onions in a food processor. 

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Dave continued: "It's funny my taste's changed since I've been ill and funnily enough one of the things I don't like now is onions. We've had all these letters over the past [saying] 'I don't like onions why do you put onions in everything?'

"We put it because it's nice it's because it enhances the dish and now I'm thinking 'Kingy, do you have to put onions in this?' 

"Last week I was picking the onions out - I was that sad old Mary picking the onions out."

Si replied: "'Bloody onions I hate onions Kingy' I was like what?"

Dave said: "It'll come back - I don't mind if it's cooked in but the red onions scattered across a pizza, right now it's a pick-off job or a shake-off job. They're ground zero of a lot of cooking onions."