A new £50,000 events fund has been created to boost ‘Brand Barrow’ and offer support for local organisations.

At a finance meeting Barrow Town council came together and agreed to set up a new fund that will link with and enhance other local partnership funding. Access to the fund should be up and running in the next month.

Mayor Chris Altree, who chaired the council meeting, said: “Giving local people a chance to promote Barrow itself is what’s important here and I am delighted this finance committee initiative has cross-party support from all sections of the council.

"We also look forward to working together with Barrow Bid, Westmorland and Furness and any local group to make our town the best it can possibly be.”

Central Ward’s Fred Chatfield, who also supported the initiative, said: “We have some great events in Barrow like the recent transport festival but we need more and it’s our job as town councillors to help local people achieve this.”

Further details will be available on the town council website that is about to be launched. Meanwhile any organisation in Barrow can get in contact with their local town councillor for further details.