A Barrow art exhibition which as been described as 'eye-opening' has attracted hundreds of visitors and has been extended to 30 July.

Currently set up at Cooke's Studios on Abbey Road, the exhibition named Troubled Waters explores the shared need that artificial intelligence has with humans for water.

It is also a stark look at how AI might shape the future of humans. The exhibition will be opening on additional days to attract more visitors to view the large-scale artwork.

Award-winning Danish artist Stine Deja created the art as part of a commission for Signal Film and Media. 

Deja has re-imagined Monet's classic 'Bridge over a pond of water lilies' giving it an industrial makeover, where a stark steel bridge invites visitors over a pond populated by artificially bred, digital fish.

The Mail: The re-imaging of Monet's 'Bridge over a pond of water lilies'

The installation is said to represent the present paradox of technological ‘proceleration’ alongside increased competition for basic natural resources like water. It further highlights the issues around depleting water resources and ageing water infrastructures.

The digital fish are a commentary on research that revealed that chat bots in Microsoft’s U.S. data centres directly consume 700,000 litres of clean freshwater.

Oragnisers say the reaction to the artwork has been incredibly positive so far with visitors leaving comments like "Eye opening and eye-watering. Captivates Children" and "Excellent exhibition - particularly well presented."

"Thought provoking and stimulating with an undertone of melancholy and sadness...Great to see this work in Barrow in Furness.

"Loved this exhibition. Such a large installation & fantastic response to our climate and technology."

The Mail: The exhibition have captivated children

The art piece also drew on the themes of TIDAL (Signal’s 2023 Digital Arts Programme)  with Deja’s uncanny installation reflecting upon the human-water relationship and our possible evolution from beneath the waves. 

Opening times are Wednesday to Sunday 11am - 5pm until July 30 and then by appointment until August 14

Visitors are also welcome to view the Barrowfull exhibition Return to Sender featured on the first floor exhibition space. To find out more about Signal Film and Media's exhibitions, visit the website at www.signalfilmandmedia.com