Twitter users have been reporting problems with the social media platform this afternoon (July 12).

Users were left struggling with the app, website and feed on Wednesday, according to Down Detector.

Issues started at around 3.20pm with problems reported across the UK including in London, Cardiff and Glasgow to name a few.

Of the problems reported 55% related to the app while 30% related to the website, according to Down Detector.

A further 15% related to the feed on the social media platform.

Twitter users complain as social media platform goes down

Some Twitter users were able to send tweets but were having problems using the platform.

One Twitter user said: “Twitter is broken or something?”

Another said: “Please twitter not now please”

A third tweeted: “Is Twitter down right now? I cannot see my own tweets, and it says my tweets are failing to send…. But I’m getting comment and rt notifications”