Top spot organising sports and events is open.

Grasmere Lakeland Sports and Show is seeking the perfect replacement for Deborah Black, who will be retiring from her role of Sports and Field Manager.

Deborah successfully oversaw the renaissance of the event post-pandemic, but is set to retire in December 2023, having delivered her third compelling event.

It is proving hard to find someone to replace Debora,  a result, the application deadline has been put back to the end of June 2023.

 Hopefully, Deborah will be able to assist with finding a successor and sharing her knowledge, to find the best applicant.

 The successful applicant needs to have organisational, computer, delegation, financial and people skills, as well as a full driving licence and the capacity to both work alone and in a team.  They must be as adept at managing online ticketing as they are at planning and organising the events programme, complying with all health and safety legislation and recruiting volunteers, officers, judges and sponsors. 

 Deborah said: “The next manager needs to have a lot of common sense, good administrative skills and a great sense of humour.  They must be a good communicator and able to connect with people from all walks of life and they should be resilient, happy to embrace challenges and take pride from the fact that they are the lynch-pin within the most prestigious sports event in Cumbria.

“The hours are flexible but 12-hour shifts in June, July and August are often necessary.  The time needing to be devoted slackens off in other months. Although, at the peak, the manager has to demonstrate total commitment, day in day out, they can always draw on the organisational skills of people passionate about their own individual areas, be that fell racing, hound trailing, Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling, field events or catering.  In this regard, the Show manager just needs to be an adept co-ordinator, bringing all of these individuals together for the delivery of a sensational spectacle.”


Details of the role are available at