The Lake District's iconic Herdwick sheep are coming to Barrow's first natural market to be celebrated.

Taking place this Saturday, the event is presented by Barrow Market, Barrow Business Improvement District and The Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

The festival was created to help celebrate local produce and the people that make it. RBST will celebrate the native farm breeds that have served Cumbria’s people and landscapes for centuries, such as Herdwick sheep, as well as showcasing local businesses along with live music.

RBST is the national charity working for the future of the UK’s rare and native livestock and equine breeds. Visitors can expect to hear about rare and native livestock and equine breed conservation from RBST experts. 

They can also get the chance to browse local businesses’ stalls to explore native breed produce such as high-quality meat, dairy and wool products. The event takes place between 10am and 3pm at Barrow Market Square.