A 19-year-old bodybuilder from Barrow has earned the title of Bikini World Champion. 

Annabel Atherton has done phenomenally well in her first bodybuilding season after winning all three National Amateur Body-Builders’ Association (NABBA) titles.

Annabel, who works at BAE Systems, first entered into the Open Bikini Class taking the North West, moving through to the British Finals before winning the World New Miss Bikini and overall Miss Bikini World Champion.

Alongside her partner Dan Hall, who came second in the British competitions, and coach Kade Kendall, she travelled to Italy for the World finals on June 10.

The trainer owns the Transformation Unit in Barrow and has coached her through her 17 weeks of preparation before winning the title.

The Mail: Kade has taken all three NABBA titles at the age of 19

He said: "It was a really surreal moment. Annabel is only 19-years-old and to take all three titles so young and so quickly is an amazing achievement - no-one has done this before

"She is relentless not only in her training but also in her structure and posing. You could see on stage how well she prepared. She's one the most, if not the most talented and gifted athletes I've ever known and is a massive potential for Barrow.

"I'm fully confident she can take the Universe title in October."

The Mail: Annabel and Kade celebrating their hard work

The NABBA Universe competitions take place on Saturday October 28. 

For now, Kade has placed her on downtime with her cardio reduced, calories up and stressed that recovery is just as important. This is before she embarks on 12-14 weeks of intense training again.

Annabel said: "I'm having a bit of a rest and luckily I have a holiday to Rhodes so it's good timing. During prepping it's all about cutting fat and you have to be very strict. 

"It's three-four hours a day dedicated to gym, not only being in there but getting ready and timing food.

"This has all been so surreal and I don't think it's really sunk in yet. I first entered an IBFA competition and I didn't really place.

The Mail: Annabel taking the win on stage at NABBA's World competitions

"I changed catergories with NABBA however from Toned Figure to Bikini which I was more comfortable with. The judges look at different things so Toned Figure is more hard muscle and quads and Bikini is more glutes and shoulders. 

"It's gone from 0-100 so quickly and Kade has been fantastic dealing with all my questions and re-assuring me. 

"I'd like to thank my sponsor Bikini Love for providing me with a bikini and Kelly who did my tan. My partner Dan has been so supportive despite not being in the World's himself and has been there every step of the way.

"My mum and dad have gone above and beyond to help me in any way they could and made the whole process so much easier."