A man was rescued yesterday (June 11) after he collapsed in the Lakeland Trails Coniston Marathon.

The competitor succumbed to heat exhaustion at Torver Back Common in his last few miles.

During the incredibly hot and sunny day, the runner fainted and had woken up confused. Medical cover from the event attended and led his treatment.

A Coniston Mountain Rescue team spokesman said: "We were called by North West Ambulance Service to assist in carrying him on our stretcher half a mile to the nearest road. A land ambulance met us there, and he was transferred to Furness General Hospital for further treatment.

"Nine members attended and the incident lasted tw0 hours and 48 minutes."

The Lakeland Trails Marathon is a complete circuit of Coniston Water along fully marked and marshalled footpaths and bridleways. Competitors were encouraged to drink plenty of fluids with water stations placed frequently throughout the course.