RESIDENTS were perplexed at the appearance of a mast. 

The 10ft black mast, sitting on Corney Fell with protruding legs, appeared to be tethered to the ground with a white aerial at the top.

Millom Coastguard Rescue team offered an explanation as to what the object was. The team revealed that they got some 'funny looks' from passing motorists.

Speaking on the Facebook page, one of the team said: "The guys were practicing setting up an emergency communication site to be used in the event of a communication system malfunction.

"The portable mast was erected and connected. The radio can be powered by either battery, vehicle or portable generator.

"Radio checks were then carried out to our Maritime Rescue Control Centres at both Holyhead and Belfast Coastguard. All stations reporting good, clear communication. A good session for the team except for the Midge bites."