A unique animal rescue centre in Barrow is putting on a punk rock festival in order to raise money for its shelter.

Cumbria Animal and Hen Rescue are the 'only animal rescue centre in the UK to take in every kind of animal' - this ranges from to everything horses to stick insects to axolotls. 

The event, called Roo Stars Rock Fest, will be held at Cloud 9 club on Dalkeith Street on July 29. The rock fest has seven bands starting at 4pm and running right through until midnight.

This includes three opening bands Bad Neighbours, Damaged Goods and The Amber List. There will also be four tribute bands paying homage to Blink 182, Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and PV-77 who are a tribute to the Clash and also play the best of 1977s punk hits. 

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Organisers have now put on a deal where music fans can get passes for £2 for the first two weeks they go on sale or for the first 60 tickets sold. They will then go up to the early bird price of £10 and then the regular price of £15.

Eddy White, from Cumbria Hen and Rescue, said: "We know people are struggling by the amount of animals that we're taking in at the moment. We don't like to ask for money so we want to put something on for the public that support us and give something back.

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"The tribute bands we have are some of the best in the UK and people pay good money to see them so it's an amazing deal if you can get a £2 ticket. People would spend more than that getting a pint.

"It's a real mix of bands overall too - from real shouty punk to more pop punk where you can hear what they're singing.  It's also a chance for people to get to know us and what we do. We don't say no to any animal and if we've got room we'll take them.

"Everything raised will go towards them and their care."

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Children are welcome but must be over ten and supervised by an adult. To find out more about Roo Stars Rock Fest, please visit the Cumbria Animal and Hen Rescue website