A RADIO volunteer with cerebral palsy achieved his dream of visiting the BBC Radio 2 studios and meeting his inspiration Michael Ball.

Barrow-born Harrison Holmes, who hosts a weekly show at Radio Lonsdale, a hospital radio station based at Furness General Hospital, was invited to appear on Michael's radio show.

The broadcaster, who called him an 'inspiration', interviewed the man, his mother and his grandmother.

On the show, Harrison was surprised by messages from Alfie Boe and Gary Davies.

He asked Michael Ball: "Can I work here please?" before his own jingle was played on air.

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Harrison's mother Joanne Holmes said: "They did so much for Harrison. They had everything organised, including his own jingle.

"They really spoiled him. It was out of this world.

"He just wanted to know everything technical wise and he took it all in."

Joanne said that Michael was 'the loveliest man you will ever meet.'

She said: "We would never even have known that we were with someone as famous as Michael. He is so down to earth.

"This experience was an absolute dream come true for Harrison. To watch all of that happening was just amazing. 

"He will never forget that day."

She said that Harrison keeps watching the videos 'constantly.'

"He has them on repeat since they came out," she said.

The invitation, which was arranged by BBC North West Tonight, was presented to Harrison after Michael surprised him with a video call while he was on air.

Joanne said Harrison's 'main mission' has always been to work on BBC Radio 2.

Harrison is seen as an inspiration for a lot of parents, young adults and children with cerebral palsy.

Harrison spent his first two years of life in hospital and has had more than 26 operations.

To listen to 'The Harrison Show,' tune into Radio Lonsdale every Wednesday at 5.45pm.