THE hunt is still on to find a missing cat who escaped from a Lake District hotel.

Babes, who is approximately five-years-old, escaped after being taken for an overnight stay in Windermere and slipping his harness.

It has been more than six months since he has gone missing.

Babes’ owner Gael said: “He was a stray cat that I had fed for two years to gain his trust and he had lived with me for about 15 months at the time he went missing.

“He is an extremely frightened cat in general and will not go near other humans so possibly will never approach anyone.

“He is a ginger and white cat with a white chest that continues down one front leg. He has a slight slit at the tip of an ear and he has a missing front fang tooth.

“He has no white on his tail but he does have ginger rings towards the tip of his tail.”

The owner, who is not from the area, has been travelling back to Windermere in hopes of finding Babes.

She said: “He went missing on November 14, 2022 from Kotel Hotel in Windermere.

“I am not from the area and have spent six months travelling back to Windermere to search for him, putting posters up, leafleting homes, following up on every lead. There has not been a single sighting of him," she said.

“My feelings are that he has found shelter away from the bustle of Windermere and may be at a farm close by or living in someone’s garden without them knowing, as he knows how to hunt from being a feral cat.

“My heart is truly broken not knowing where he is and if he is okay.

“All I need is one confirmed sighting of him so I know what area to concentrate my search. Babes is microchipped and he is neutered. He means everything to me and I really need to find him. There is a £500 reward for his safe return.”

You can join the search for Babes by visiting the Facebook group Missing Babes LA23.